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About us

Allow us to introduce our small but nonetheless a very successful company that has been in the business as a supplier on the Slovene market and also as a repairer of cutting tools for the wood processing and metals industry.

Our company AMTEK has always strived to follow the development trends of machine tools on the market and has become very recognizable and respected in all Slovene industry. We offer various services, from manufacturing of customized tools to high quality repair and maintenance services and grinding. In order to achieve the most optimal processing with our quality tools, we collaborate with our costumers, give them advice and help them because our main goal is a costumer satisfaction.

We always consider our costumers’ needs regarding machine tools and their maintenance in order to help them achieve the best processing results, because we know how important that is today. Should you encounter any problems in the line of the process with cutting tools or have any other expectations do not hesitate and contact us.

Together we can find the perfect solution.


Amtek d. o. o.




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